Beata Söderberg

"Beata Söderberg's cello sounded divine"

Östgöta correspondenten


"Almost painfully beautiful performance of Bach's solosuite in G"

Länstidningen Östersund


"Her view and feeling about Buenos Aires and tango are expressed through original, impressionistic pieces, musical thoughts and emotions sharply arranged for quintet with wondrous colorings and driving vitality."

Buenos Aires Herald


"Fiery, passionate and filled with an almost aggressive, wonderful energy"



"Beata Söderberg and Justango is not just new and exciting - it is fantastic!"



"A burning tango-feeling"

Södermanlands länstidning


"Tango for dear life - Beata and Justango took the audience by storm!"A burning tango-feeling"

Södermanlands länstidning


"All the music is composed by Beata Söderberg. It expresses deep feelings, both of sorrow and joy. Strong melodies, harmonic phrases, tonal expression"


Foto: Andreas Lundberg